The Ultimate Introductory Guide to Becoming a Life Coach

Game-Changing Insights and Concepts You Need to Know to Become a Phenomenal Life Coach



Everyone needs a life coach.

Yes, it’s a bold statement, but it’s true…

And there are real numbers and stats to back that up.

In a study by, the life or personal coaching industry has hit the $1billion mark and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down any time soon.

Personal coaching is expected to expand to around $1.34 billion by 2022 with an incredible growth rate of 6.7% year-on-year…

And that’s just in the U.S. alone.

These numbers are massive – almost unbelievable - but they make sense when you think about it. Which is why now is the perfect time to start your journey to becoming a life coach.


What is Life Coaching?

We already know everyone needs a life coach and that the industry’s in its prime time.

But…What is life coaching?

Life coaches help people grow into their highest potential as human beings.

Their job is to help individuals turn up the “extraordinary” and experience life to the fullest, and who doesn’t want that?

A great life coach can quickly and skilfully create an environment that lets the client see their blind spots - the beliefs, fears, doubts holding them back – and helps them overcome internal and external barriers towards happiness and fulfilment.

Life coaching, when done right, can shift the entire trajectory of a person’s life, no matter who they are or where they come from, in an incredibly short time.

People who are ready to give up on their goals and dreams can experience a 100% turnaround after working with a great life coach.

People who feel anxious or afraid can find focus, direction, and a renewed sense of joy and energy with a life coach by their side, motivating them and cheering them on.

Re-read Chapter 1.

Now write a new version of who a life coach is and what they do in your own words.

What does life coaching mean to you? Why are you interested in becoming a life coach?

This simple 5-minute activity will create clarity and help embody the role as you get started on your journey as a life coach.