Deep Transformation Coaching - ICF Approved Training

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Our Graduate Coaches Are The Best In the World Because...

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1. The Process is Proven

Our coaches guide their clients through a coaching model that is both practical and deeply transformational

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2. The Curriculum is Simple

Academy For Coaches frameworks you will use make running and scaling a coaching business feel fun and easy

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3. Their Badge is Trusted

When people see you have an ICF coach accreditation, they know you are credible and the process will work

When you're a better coach, your clients will do the work of growing your business for you!

If your clients don't have a phenomenal experience with you, if what they experience is just kinda okay, then they're not going to come back. And neither will they think of telling their friends about you.

But if you create a powerful coaching experience for your clients -- every single time -- then your clients will do the work of growing your business for you! They will come back for more. They will sign up for your premium packages. And they will enthusiastically recommend you when someone they know needs a coach.

All you do is focus on becoming a better and better coach, day by day, and deliver powerful transformational coaching experiences every single time you connect with a client.

"What is the best way to become a better coach?"

Unleash Your Ability to Create Powerful Transformation & Lasting Impact by Mastering the Art & Science of Deep Transformation Coaching

Program Overview

  • Your Coach Specific Training Hours Count Towards Your ICF Accreditation
  • ACC, PCC or MCC - ICF Coach Training Hours
  • 4 to12 Month Duration
  • Online Weekly Live Video Coaching Classes
  • Online Weekly Coaching Clinics (observed sessions)
  • Six Days live in person training (optional)
  • Peer to Peer Coaching Practice
  • Bonus - Full Training on Getting Clients
  • Opportunity to partner directly with Academy For Coaches
  • Enrolment is Now Open...

How Do You Add the (ICF) Master Certified Coach to Your Coaching Credentials?

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Make Your Application To See If You Qualify

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Attend the ICF Certification Training
(Enrolment for 2021 is Now Open)

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Accelerate Your Career as a Certified Coach

Registration is Now Open

40% Discount Now On Early Bird Special 

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This coach training is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) which is Globally Accredited, Internationally Recognised

The Professional Certified Coach provides 125 ICF Approved Coach Training Hours

This program will give you advanced level coaching skills to deliver Deep Transformation Coaching with very high competence & confidence

Program Outline

Program Description
  • 125+ approved coach training hours towards your ICF - PCC coaching credential
  • Learn the art & science of deep transformation coaching
  • Have a solid foundation of professional coaching skills 
  • Use these skills in your current workplace, personal life or as a new career choice
  • This training will equip you with everything you need to coach at a professional level

Program Durration

We have two options:

  1. Regular: 8-9 Months
  2. Fast-Track: 2 Month


Globally Virtual/Online


Good communication skills

Class Delivery

Every week we have between 2 to 3 live video group coaching classes that include:

  • Live demo coaching sessions
  • Coaching modules (Facilitator lead)
  • Observed coaching sessions
  • Mentor coaching
  • Q&A sessions

Each of our coaching classes last between 2 to 3 hours and are highly interactive with multiple opportunities to not only learn about coaching but to do coaching. 

Who Should Attend

Executives and professional who wish to upgrade their current capabilities to apply in their current work and life. This includes those in career transitions or in retirement.

  • Executives - HR Professionals - Leaders - Consultants 
  • Entrepreneurs and start-up founders who want to add coaching to their services
  • Managers who could use coach training at their workplace
  • Trainers who want to add the power of coaching to their services
  • Students pursuing professional graduate programs in business, law, psychology, and medicine
  • Professionals who want to start a career as a coach
  • Stay at home professionals who want a career they can do from home

Our next batch starts on... 

Very Limited Spaces

Customised Mentorship & Personal Attention

Ready to feel incredibly supported, never feel alone or stuck, and get solutions for any challenges you might encounter? Your coaching training includes:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls With Braja & Master Coaches. These dynamic and highly engaging sessions allow you to quickly master the art of deep transformation coaching, so you can make a deep transformation while coaching your clients.
  • 4 Private Coaching Sessions With Your Own Master Coach. You’ll be coached to own your worth, attract and sign on new clients, complete your certification, create your pricing & offers, confidently lead enrolling conversations, create an unstoppable mindset and more
  • Accountability online coaching 2x weekly checkpoints to keep you  on track and in a high vibe state as you become a certified coach.
Very limited places available


Have questions?

Send us a WhatsApp message anytime to arrange a quick chat with our friendly team  +79885909899

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Detailed Program Outline

In the program you'll learn to apply 11 Core Coaching Competencies as defined by ICF

The 11 Core Coaching Competences

  • Academy For Coaches Revolutionary Deep Transformation Coaching Process
  • Ethical guidelines & professional coaching standards
  • Empowering the coaching relationship with win/win agreements
  • Building trust & intimacy with your client
  • Coaching presence & dancing in the moment
  • Super conscious listening at level 3 & 4
  • Powerful questions that evoke discovery, insight, commitment & action
  • Mastering you coaching language. How to speak like a coach
  • Creating awareness, breakthrough, belief shifts & transformation
  • Designing essential actions that lead to results
  • Strategies, planning & goal setting
  • Managing progress & accountability

This is what you get when you join us today

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1. VIP Kickstarter Coaching Call with Braja

As soon as you join the program, Master Coach Braja will give you a deep level '1-on-1 Rapid Growth Kickstart Coaching Session' so you can hit the ground running and get off to a flying start as a Soulful Coach.

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1. Join Our Vibrant Coaching Community

  • Surround yourself with a world-wide community of men & women coaches on the same path
  • Post questions, challenges & victories in between your coaching calls each week for support from Braja, our Master Coaches, and your peer coaches
  • You’ll feel championed through every challenge and inspired to achieve your dream
  • Practice peer coaching and make alliances with your fellow peer coaches
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1. Coaches Complete Starter Kit

Get Braja’s favourite ways of organising and running your coaching business with grace and ease, eliminating the need to guess or waste time. Learn the best ways to set up your coaching calendar so you're working just a few days each month (sample schedule included), plus client forms & sample agreements you can brand as your own and use to keep your business easily organised.

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2. Certified Professional Coach Status

You'll get a gorgeous, professional coach certificate proving you have completed your ICF approved coach training hours that you can proudly display. Plus the Certified Coach logo you can use on your website and in all your marketing materials.

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4. Partner Directly With Us

After completing your training & certification, coaches will have an opportunity to work directly with Academy For Coaches and get special training to become one of our mentor coaches or master coaches.

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3. Your Profile In The Hire A Coach Directory

Build your credibility & get visibility in our Hire A Coach directory for 12 months free. Academy For Coaches gets hundreds of views every single day from people who want to be a coach or hire a coach.

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4. Ready Made Client Getting Website-Funnel

You'll get a gorgeous high converting ready made website-funnel template with all the sales and client conversion systems ready to go. Just add in your brand and start getting clients

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PLUS - Additional Training & Certifications

Along with your ICF coaching credential you can learn from one of our Master Coaches the art of specialised coaching and receive a certification in TWO of the above coaching niches.

(Free Bonuses)

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5. The Soulful 7 Figure Coach Program

You will also get full access to an in depth training on how to build a profitable coaching career. How to choose your niche, how to package up your premium coaching program, how to get leads, how to do webinar that gets clients, how to enrol clients with free coaching sessions and a lot more.

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6. Weekly Live Mentoring & Coaching On How To Get Clients and Grow Your Coaching Career

We are with you to hold your hand every step of the way with...

  • Q&A, Coaching, Feedback & Demonstrations

  • Reviews of your assignments

  • Dialling in on your niche, messaging, & marketing

  • Creating your premium coaching packages

  • Automating your client generation process

  • Delivering your perfect coaching webinar

  • Enrolling high ticket clients with discovery sessions

  • And a lot more...

AWESOME BONUS: for a limited time

Choose Any One of The Specialised Coach Certification Training

Not only will you get your ICF approved coach training hours for your ICF accreditation. You can also select ONE of the following specialised coach certification training programs.

Each one of the certification trainings will be led by a master coach who specialises in the niche and has years of experience coaching their own clients in this specific area. 

For each niche you will learn the different coaching models, tools and methods and how to apply deep level coaching principles in those areas of specialisation.

At the end of the training you will receive your niche specialised coaching certification as a relationship coach, executive coach, business coach or spiritual coach.


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Certified Relationship Coach – CRC® 

Relationship coaching is one of the most important and fulfilling coaching niches there is. If this area appeals to you, you can learn from our relationship master coaches how to specialise in relationship coaching. After completing the training and assessment you will receive your credential as a Certified Relationship Coach CRC® 

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Certified Business Coach – CBC®

Business coaching is one of the most profitable and exciting coaching niches there is. If this area appeals to you, you can learn from our business master coaches how to specialise in business coaching. After completing the training and assessment you will receive your credential as a Certified Business Coach CBC® 

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Certified Spiritual Coach – CSC®

Spiritual coaching is an extremely meaningful and deeply transforming coaching niche. If this area appeals to you, you can learn from our spiritual master coaches how to specialise in spiritual coaching. After completing the training and assessment you will receive your credential as a Certified Spiritual Coach CSC® 

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Certified Executive Coach – CEC®

Executive coaching is a deeply rewarding coaching niche that impacts many people. If this area appeals to you, you can learn from our executive master coaches how to specialise in executive coaching. After completing the training and assessment you will receive your credential as a Certified Executive Coach CEC® 

About Braja

founder & master coach

Brajamohan Das is an award winning leader of the entrepreneurial coaching movement and founder of the #1 certified coach training school for women & men who want to be high earning & high impact coaches.

Braja is the innovator of the Deep Transformation Coaching Method that equips and empowers ambitious, passionate men & women with the coaching skills training & coaching content that makes it easy to create a deep transformation in peoples lives and sign on private and group coaching clients, so they can become a high-earning coach with a thriving business, own their worth, and enjoy abundant lifestyle freedom.

Braja is committed to helping people realise their potential as a coach and build a soulful, profitable and sustainable coaching career that makes a big difference in peoples lives. 

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Enrol Today & Get The Following HIGH-VALUE BONUSES! To Grow Your Coaching Business!


The Soulful 7 Figure Coach® Training

1 Year Personal Mentoring & Training Program to help you attract your first high-end clients, enrol clients with confidence, and thrive as you grow your coaching business.

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Module 1: Discover Your Perfect Niche

The foundation of a successful coaching career you are deeply in love with is choosing a coaching niche that's a perfect fit for you. In module 1 we walk you through our revolutionary niche discovery and alignment process so you can finally have the clarity and alignment you need to move your heart centred coaching business forward and make that impact you were born to make. 

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Module 2: Create Your Premium Coaching Package (Ultimate Result System®)

Transform Your Knowledge Into a World-Class Product. The real secret to launching and scaling a successful coaching career lies in our Ultimate Result System® process. The goal of this is to create your own proprietary roadmap that shows your clients the exact steps they should be talking to solve their greatest problems...This truly creates a "market of one" and causes your product to immediately stand out in even the most crowded and competitive markets. Your Ultimate Result System® also helps you command higher prices and generate more prospects and clients, often at lower costs and levels of friction.

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Module 3: Message To Millions

We'll help you form uniquely phrased enlightened messaging aligned to your authentic voice and one which connects to your ideal audience so you can confidently explain and share what you do and who you help. You will have total confidence to communicate the core essence of what you do. Aligned messaging enables you to feel congruent with how you share your message and Increases the likelihood of soul aligned clients to come forward to work with you. You'll learn how to get your authentic message out to hundreds of just the right people everyday on autopilot.

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Module 4: Master of Enrolments

A Step-By-Step System For Consultations That Lead To “Yes”
You will have a proven step-by-step system that you can follow each and every time you have a consultation with a potential client.

In fact, I’ll give you a detailed magic script that shows you exactly what to do at every step of your consultation. No more guessing, fumbling or fear of rejection during your initial consultations.

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Module 5: Ultimate Coach Website

For an entire year we searched for the highest converting coaches websites/funnels across the most popular coaching niches. Then we reverse engineered them and created all the templates and pages for you. All you need to do is change a word here or there to make it your own. You can have your highly optimised coaches website up and running in 24 hours. Plus you'll get my A to Z tutorials on how to customise to your own style and brand.

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Module 6: Perfect Webinar Formula

In the perfect webinar formula you'll learn how to create a webinar/masterclass that is both soulful and high converting. This will put the marketing of your coaching business on autopilot. You'll get the templates and tutorials on how to create a jaw dropping webinar-masterclass. All the slides in both powerpoint and keynote are created for you. You'll learn how to create powerful content that is engaging, high converting and positions you as an authority in your coaching field. 

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Module 7: Lead Flow System

Last but not least you'll learn how to get a flow or a flood of your ideal prospects to sign up for your webinar masterclass and then book appointments with you every single week.

You'll also learn how to do all of this on autopilot and without spending any money on expensive ads. We also show you how to setup a strategic referral system that consistently fills your coaching program.

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All Hosted In One Awesome WorldClass Members Area 24/7

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Weekly Live Mentoring & Coaching On How To Grow Your Coaching Business

Every week you'll get live coaching & mentoring from Braja on everything to do with growing your coaching business. We are with you to hold your hand every step of the way.

  • Q&A, Coaching, Feedback & Demonstrations

  • Reviews of your assignments

  • Dialling in on your niche, messaging, & marketing

  • Creating your premium coaching packages

  • Automating your client generation process

  • Delivering your perfect coaching webinar

  • Enrolling high ticket clients with discovery sessions

  • And a lot more...

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This Program is Designed To Take You On A Journey Through 5 Levels... 

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Step By Step Winning Game Plan From "Silver Coach" To "Sapphire Coach"

Your mission should you accept it is to make steady progress through the 5 levels of the coaching business. 

We mentor and support our student coaches and give them the road map to move up one level every 3 to 6 months.

Everything is measured and monitored on a weekly basis to make sure our students are moving in the right direction. 

Coaches get recognised and rewarded for each level of evolvement and then support other coaches to join them.


You'll Also Get Your Own High Converting Coaching Website-Funnel Template

Templates Done For You... Just add your name, picture to our gorgeous pre-made, high converting website-funnel and you're ready to start converting clients. 

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This Highly Optimised Website-Funnel Has Been Responsible For Making Millions In Revenue  

This is the exact funnel Braja has used to build a millionaire coaching business for himself and his clients. Now you can easily model the very best in the coaching industry from the very start.

Creating this website-funnel for you is easily worth the investment of the "Master Certified Coach" program, and this is just one small part of the many bonuses you get when you join our program today.


The Coaching Packages Bundle

The secrets to package up your coaching for high income & high impact

Package 1. VIP Weekend Coaching System

Create Big Revenue & Breakthrough Results In Just One VIP Coaching Weekend With Your Client. 

This VIP Weekend Coaching System® course contains simple and easy to implement strategies that have earned clients more money faster than anything else I have ever taught.

If you're too busy or out of time to figure out how to take your income to a new level and want a coaching model that gives you high paydays and gets great results for your clients in a single weekend! Then this is for you.

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Package 2: Group Coaching Secrets

In this training Braja will show you how to create irresistible group coaching packages and how to structure your group coaching program in a way that gets better results for your clients and in less time. 

This is one of the most powerful trainings you can learn to scale your coaching business.

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Package 3: Laser Coaching Package

How To Quickly Add Coaching Revenue Into Your Bank Account In As Little As Four Days

How to sign up coaching clients for a year or more at a time without a list and without strategy sessions.

How to manage 50+ clients while working half-days with Fridays off.

How to implement this amazing model within 4 days to sign up clients and collect fees faster than ever before.

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The Above Trainings Will Be Delivered Live By Braja

You'll also get full access to the recordings, workbooks & checklists after the live trainings

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Join Associate Certified Coach Training Today!

  • 60+ ICF specific approved coach training hours 

  • Weekly training with Master Coaches for 4 months

  • The SoulFull 7 Figure Coach Business Program 

  • Weekly mentoring to grow your coaching business 

  • High converting website-funnel designed for you 

Registration Now Open

Get It All Right Now For $4,997


You only need 1 client in the next 4 months & the course pays for itself 

Apply Now

To enrol you need to have a quick no obligation chat with our team to make sure we are a good fit for each other. Please choose a time below...

– Very Limited Places –
*(we keep the batch size small because of the deep level coaching & personal mentoring)

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Connect with us immediately on WhatsApp Messenger

Have questions? You can send us a WhatsApp Message anytime at +919870626312

Answers To Your Most Burning Questions...

If you don't find the answer you're looking for, send us a WhatsApp message and we'll get back to you asap +919870626312

What if I'm a beginner?

If you're just starting out as a new coach or you're an experienced coach who wants to deepen your coaching skills our program is great for both of you. 

We have structured our program in a way that takes care of newbie coaches and experienced coaches.

Many experienced coaches also work with us to work on the business side of their coaching career but then also realise that our method of coaching is not only unique but deeply transformational.


What different about this program?

Most coach training programs only teach you how to coach, and have a measly section on how to get clients.

We are different because not only do we teach you how to coach at the very highest level, with our Deep Transformation Coaching Method, we also mentor and coach our students every single week at the highest level on how to build a thriving coaching business.

We have spent over a decade coaching and mentoring coaches on how to build a thriving coaching practice that is soulful, heart centred and highly profitable. 

We want to deliver results for our clients while making a lifestyle friendly coaching business that makes a great income.


I still have questions before joining. Who can I ask?

If you have any questions at all please either send us a WhatsApp message on +919870626312 and we'll get back immediately or asap. 

Or you can book a call with our team by clicking here and booking a no obligation 15 minute call.

You can also request to talk directly with Braja our founder he would be happy to support you and answer any questions you have.


Can I start this program anytime?

Enrolment to the Associate Coach Certification program is now open for 2021 and we have an early bird 50% discount on right now. 

We keep our batch size small because of the personal mentoring and individual attention to every student coach. 

Places are limited and registration will close when we have reached our desired limit.

We have a few spots still available at the early bird price and then the price will revert back to the normal price.

You can leave a $500 deposit if you would like us to secure you a place with our early bird pricing. 

Talk to our team here or send us a WhatsApp message and we will secure your early bird price.


Do I still have access to this program after the 4 months is over (Ie. Lifetime Access)?

You will have lifetime access to all the recordings and all the training programs in the members area and all the bonuses.

The live coaching and mentoring calls are only available for 4, 8, or 14 months depending on what program you join.

We do have an option for life time access to every part of the program including all the live coaching and mentoring calls with the master coaches.

If you're interested in getting the complete and full lifetime access you can talk to our founder Braja.

Request to talk to Braja by sending a WhatsApp message to +919870626312

How does the program work?

Firstly we keep the number of students in our program very small. We believe in taking personal care of each and every student coach who joins our program.

Braja our founder has a very deep and personal relationship with every student in the program and personally interacts with every student, every week in our live group coaching sessions and through our community area. 

We have high levels of accountability in the program to ensure our student coaches are developing their coaching skills and also building their coaching business and getting clients. 

We have a very well designed program that supports and challenges our community of coaches every single day.


How long does it take to get results?

This depends on your background, abilities and commitment. Typical timelines range from a few days to absolutely never.

Anyone that tells you different should not be trusted.

95% of coaches that come through our program are able to get clients within the first 30 days of joining the program. 

We also have a step by step process to take our coaches through the 5 levels of evolvement.

From silver coach to sapphire coach. 

  1. Silver Coach $5k per month
  2. Gold Coach $10k per month
  3. Emerald Coach $30k per month
  4. Ruby Coach $60k per month
  5. Sapphire Coach $100k+ per month

We have a process that takes a coach between 3 to 6 months to go from 1 level to the next level.

If one is committed, works hard, is coachable and follows the process one can steadily evolve through the 5 levels of coach.


How Much Time Do I Need To Invest Every Week?

The daily micro-actions we have created for you in this step-by-step journey will only require 15-45 minutes a day for you to see dramatic progress.

Our live coaching and mentoring calls are twice a week Monday & Friday and last between 90-180 minutes. 

All the coaching and mentoring calls are recorded and can be watched again from our members area at your own convenience. 

The Monday class is flexible and you can just come when you need support.

The Friday class is essential because this is where we all participate in building our coaching skills in realtime. 

We also have various coaching clinics every month that you can join anytime to complete your coach training hours.

We have structured the program so you can go fast, or pace yourself depending on your situation.


Academy For Coaches Has a proven and tested coaching business process so you can Get Clients & Deliver Results

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Here's what our student coaches say about Academy For Coaches programs

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Relationship Coach

Academy For Coaches training is deep. While they help you build your professional coaching career, in the process the coaching impacts you as a person too. It changes the way you look at yourself and it drops your limiting beliefs wherein you make impossible possible.

If you have not enrolled for this coach training yet, you are missing the very best in life

Placeholder Image

Business Coach

Academy For Coaches has been a phenomenon in my life. Academy For Coaches has mastery on the subject, they care for their clients, have a deep love for the process and appreciation of success. This set a deep spiritual connect with me. Through this gift, I realise what I love to do, I can do. This engagement has helped me to transgress every moment from information to transformation, from stories to results. I would recommend all coach aspirants to work with them.

Placeholder Image

Relationship Coach

If you are considering working with Academy For Coaches, do not think twice and go ahead.

I got my first two clients within the first week of working with him and ever since the learning has been phenomenal.

Academy For Coaches will give you confidence and hope to get you to work towards a goal beyond your expectations.

Placeholder Image

Career Transformation Coach

I started working with Academy For Coaches in Jan 2018 and it's been an amazing journey of learning and transformation ever since. Every interaction makes me more knowledgeable and even more committed to continue on my journey and make a difference in the lives of my clients.

Placeholder Image

Health & Lifestyle Coach

It's a step by step process, complete hand holding and the results you get are amazing.

Even at the beginning of your journey you get clients.

One develops confidence and you get more and more motivated to coach and make a difference.

Placeholder Image

Sales Coach

I feel privileged to be with Academy For Coaches. As a result of this coaching, I take actions that maximise my results and spend minimal amount of time on small issues. This has helped me transform not only the quality of clients in my practice, but also the quantity of money they provide. I am blessed with this wisdom, graciousness and philosophy which are a wonderful model for anyone at any time.


Our next batch starts on... 

A few EARLY-BIRD spots are still available!

Lets take a closer look at what we could accomplish together
Have questions?

Send us a WhatsApp message anytime to arrange a quick chat with our friendly team  +79885909899

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Here's What You Get When You Sign Up Today!

  • 60+ ICF specific approved coach training hours along with all the included coaching bonuses - ($6,997.00 Value)

  • Weekly training with Master Coaches for 4 months - ($4,000.00 Value)

  • The SoulFull 7 Figure Coach Business Program - ($8,997.00 Value)

  • Weekly mentoring to grow your coaching business - ($8,000,00 Value)

  • High converting website-funnel designed for you - ($4,997,00 Value)

  • The Coaching Packages Bundle - ($5,997,00 Value)

Total Value: $38,988.00

Get It All Right Now For $4,997


You only need 1 client in the next 4 months & the course pays for itself 

Join Associate Certified Coach® Training

Registration Is Now Open
50% Early Bird Discount is Now Available.
The price will be increasing very soon...

– Very Limited Places
*(we keep the batch size small because of the deep level coaching & personal mentoring)


By Application Only

To enrol you need to have a quick no obligation chat with our team to make sure we are a good fit for each other. Please choose a time below...

*(Making an application does not guarantee that you will be accepted into the program)

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Connect with us immediately on WhatsApp Messenger

Have questions? You can send us a WhatsApp Message anytime at +919870626312

Some free coaching resources for you


Placeholder Image

101 Powerful Coaching Questions

Get this practical little guide book that is jam packed with some of the most useful & powerful coaching questions out there. You'll have a question for every situation and never have to worry again about...
"What question should I ask now?"

Download Here!
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Join Our Next Live Coach Training Webinar

Learn what makes Academy For Coaches coach training unique and get a taster of what it means to have coaching conversations, ask powerful Solution-Focused questions, and apply Deep Transformation Coaching principles to your successful coaching conversations

Save Your Spot!
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A Coaches Case Study
The 12 Hour Coach®

In this powerful video training Brajamohan Das walks you through a real life case study of exactly how a simple & ordinary coach built a million dollar coaching career working only 12 hours a week

Watch Now!
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Discover The Top 20 Coaching Niches of All Time

Have you ever wondered... "Whats my coaching niche?" In this short book and accompanied training Brajamohan Das the founder of Academy For Coaches shares with you the top 20 coaching niches that will never go out of fashion

Download Here!
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10 Essential Things You Need To Know Before You Start Your Coaching Career

  • Is coaching right for you?
  • What Niche should you choose?
  • How do you get started as a coach?
  • Is there any value to getting certified?
  • And a lot more...
Download Here!

When you join our program we are also excited to...

Help You Get Clients 

A Live, In-Depth, Hybrid Coaching & Mentoring Program That Will Help You Build A Fully Aligned And Wildly Profitable Online or Offline Coaching Business That Gives You Ultimate Freedom!
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Create a profitable coaching business that doesn't compromise your alignment. We'll be working with you through our Aligned Approach to make sure you wake up every day vibin' high.

Placeholder Image

Your Message

We’ll help you create and dial in your niche, message, and coaching programs (or re-vamp what you already have) and, more importantly, properly position and price them so your clients are begging to work with you.

Placeholder Image

Your Irresistible Offer

Turn your story and deepest passion into an irresistible offer that you can ethically sell for $3K - $10K+ with our framework. Your clients will never think of you as another commodity coach ever again!

Placeholder Image

Traffic on Demand

Consistently grab more attention, reach more people, attract more clients daily, and earn the expert positioning you deserve even if you have a small or inexistent audience, we've got you.

Placeholder Image

Non Sleazy Sales

Predictably make sales and bring in new clients month after month with the right lead generation and sales systems in place to turn first impressions into high-ticket coaching clients.

Placeholder Image

High Level Support

Get your work reviewed, face-to-face feedback (in the Zoom room), and navigate through market shifts and pivots with our team course correcting you along the way to your first $10,000.

Placeholder Image

Effective Marketing

This is where you'll share the features and benefits of your coaching program. What will they get, what is the big emotional benefit to them, and what's this really mean to them?

Placeholder Image

Abundance Mindset

Mastering high energy and vibration around self-image, money, emotions, and leadership. We'll make sure you tackle your fears head on and we'll be there to catch you when you fall. The more we 'fall,' the quicker we see results!

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Ultimate Coach Website

For well over a year we searched for the highest converting coaches websites across the most popular coaching niches and created all the templates and pages for you. You'll have a highly optimised coaches website up and running in a couple of days.

The Only 'Stay Until You Get Paid' Coaching Program Out There. We Work With You Until You Sell $10K or More!

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As you have probably read by now, we have a Stay Until You Get Paid $10K Guarantee. This means you can join as many coaching calls and take full advantage of the support and coaching available to you for as long as it takes until you make your money back (and more)!

Please note that it will take a full commitment to do the work on your end. We devote a lot of time and energy to our daily support, weekly coaching calls, and quarterly meet-ups to provide you with a ton of support. All that we ask in return is that, when you do join us inside the Academy For Coaches University, you go all in and allow yourself to fully show up for both yourself and the world. You have a special gift that must be shared, and we're here to make sure the world receives it!

NOTE: The $10K guarantee is only available for the PCC & MCC programs and NOT the ACC program.

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