"Want To Partner With Academy For Coaches & Earn an Awesome Income?..."

If that’s you, we are looking for a handful of 'coaches' or 'aspiring coaches' who are serious about making a big difference in the world while at the same time making a seriously awesome Income.

Becoming a Partner with Academy For Coaches is by application & interview only


Who is this for?

This opportunity is NOT for everyone. AFC only want to partner with people who are passionate, driven, ambitious and ready to learn the AFC way.

Past experience or credentials are NOT important to AFC. Partners will receive full training & certification from us.

AFC want people who are quick to learn, coachable, committed, resourceful & team players. If thats NOT you, please DON'T apply.


What is the opportunity?

Partner with AFC in 4 ways.

  1. Undergo advanced training on how to coach with excellence.
  2. Get your AFC Master-Coach-Certification after graduation.
  3. As an AFC Master-Coach you will mentor & coach new members of AFC.
  4. You will help AFC expand and earn super high commissions.


How much can I earn as a partner with AFC?

  • There is no cap on your earning potential, it depends on you and is merit based.
  • Over a 5 year period coaches can earn anything from 80 lakh to 6 crore.

Earning potential depends on your resourcefulness, smart/hard work, personal drive, acquired skills, teamwork & good example. 

Your age, position, or gender play no factor in your ability to excel in your coaching career and earn a great income with AFC.


Whats Not Accepted

Political & manipulative behaviour. breaches of integrity, and not adhering to the professional standards of coaching will not be tolerated in AFC.

Any member operating in these ways will be expelled from AFC.


To apply you MUST complete all the following steps:

Step 1. Watch the video below

Step 2. Fill out the partner application form

Step 3. Book a discovery interview with our team 

After reviewing your application AFC will inform you if your application has been accepted or not.

If your application is accepted our team will call you at the time you choose. 

During the interview we will discover if partnering with AFC is a good fit for both AFC and you.


Step 1. Watch the videos below.

These video's are presented by AFC Founder, CEO & Master-Coach, Brajamohan Das. 

In these video's Braj walks through the AFC Partner Program, whats involved and how you can be a part of it.


First complete video 1
Second complete video 2


Step 2. Fill out the partner application form

After watching the video's above, click the button below and complete the short partner application form.

After completing the form you will be redirected to a booking form to schedule discovery call with our team.

Making an application does not guarantee being accepted into AFC's partner program. 

Complete The Partner Application Form...