Deep Transformation Coaching

Level 1. Associate Certified Coach

This is AFC's foundational coach training program
60+ Coach Training Hours As A Deep Transformation Coach

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Associate Certified Coach

This is Academy For Coaches foundational coach training program as a Deep Transformation Coach.

In this program you'll learn the core competences of highly effective coaching. 

Graduates of this training will have the confidence & competence to coach paying clients.

Program Overview

  • 60+ Coach Training Hours
  • AFC - Associate Certified Coach
  • 3 Month Duration
  • Online Weekly Live Video Coaching Calls
  • Online Weekly Coaching Clinics (observed sessions)
  • Peer to Peer Coaching Practice
  • Bonus - Full Training on Getting Clients
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Facts About the Program

Who is this for?

Level 1. Associate Coach program is great for coaches who are starting out and want to understand the 11 core coaching fundamentals. 

This is for coaches who want to learn the essential coaching skills of highly effective coaching. 

This is for people who want a solid foundation in coaching and who want to take up coaching part time or full time for their own clients or in an organisation.

Our coach training is in alignment with ICF 11 core coaching competencies.

What do I get in the program?

  • You'll learn how to coach with competence & confidence
  • You'll know how to coach your clients with impact
  • You'll learn the highest standards of coaching competencies outlined by the ICF (International Coach Federation)
  • You'll get 60+ coach training hours
  • You'll get your AFC level 1 Associate Coach Certification (after qualifying)
  • You'll get access to our bonus training on how to get a steady flow of leads and clients into your coaching practice

How long is the program and how is it delivered?

The Associate Coach is a 3 month program.

The program is delivered all online via weekly coaching calls.

Every week we have between 3 & 5 live video group coaching calls that include:

  • Live demo coaching sessions
  • Coaching modules (Facilitator lead)
  • Observed coaching sessions
  • Mentor coaching
  • Coaching clinics
  • Q&A sessions

Each of our calls last between 3 to 4 hours and are highly interactive with multiple opportunities to not only learn about coaching but to do coaching. 

Program Outline

In the program you'll learn to apply AFC's 11 Core Coaching Competencies as defined by ICF

The 11 Core Coaching Competences

  • Ethical guidelines & professional coaching standards
  • Empowering the coaching relationship with win/win agreements
  • Building trust & intimacy with your client
  • Coaching presence & dancing in the moment
  • Super conscious listening at level 3 & 4
  • Powerful questions that evoke discovery, insight, commitment & action
  • Mastering you coaching language. How to speak like a coach
  • Creating awareness, breakthrough, belief shifts & transformation
  • Designing essential actions that lead to results
  • Strategies, planning & goal setting
  • Managing progress & accountability

These 11 competencies are used as the foundation for the ICF credentialing process examination.

Special Bonus Training
How To Get Coaching Clients

Learn the strategies of getting clients for your coaching business.

One of Academy For Coaches core area of expertise is in helping our students setting up their client getting system.

This is not just one module... NO this is a full training program in itself. 

Many of our coaches who have adopted the strategies of this training have gone on to build high income coaching practices. 

We guarantee that anyone who goes through & applies this program which includes coaching and mentoring will get clients.

Up until now we have had 100% success rate with coaches who have adopted our client enrolment process.

Training Overview

  • Choosing a profitable niche
  • Creating you high ticket coaching package
  • Crafting your irresistible marketing messages
  • Turning on your prospect pipeline
  • Building credibility & trust in your marketplace
  • Mastering the client enrolment process
  • and much more...

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