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Welcome to Academy For Coaches!


A Step by Step High-Value, High-Touch Mentorship Program Designed To Help You Develop World-Class Coaching Skills & Build A Sustainable And Profitable Online Coaching Business You Love.

Premium Coach Training Program

The most advanced, holistic and complete coach training program in the world

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1. The Process is Proven

You'll learn how to coach your clients through a coaching model that is both practical and deeply transformational

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2. The Curriculum is Simple

You'll be given frameworks & systems that make running and scaling a premium coaching business feel fun and easy

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3. The Badge is Trusted

When people see you have an ICF, & AFC coach accreditation, they know you are credible and the process will work


Heres Just A Few Of The Things You'll Get In Our Coach Training Program!

  1. Training on how to coach at the highest levels. So you'll be able to deliver the very best results for your clients.

  2. The most credible coach accreditation in the world that is globally recognised, so you'll have the authority as a professional coach. (Accredited by the ICF - International Coach Federation)

  3. You'll learn everything you need to know about how to get premium clients and quickly launch a thriving coaching business.

  4. and much much more... keep on reading below...

What You Learn & Who You Become When You Join Hands With Us!

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Program Takeaways

  • Transform your life & align with your Authentic Higher Self
  • Step into your Meaningful Mission & Live Your Legacy
  • Make your life your Masterpiece
  • Master the art of Deep Transformation Coaching
  • Create a Premium Coaching Program for High-End-Clients
  • Attract your Dream Premium Clients (who pay premium)
  • Coach with joy, transform lives & follow your passion
  • Manifest $10k, $30k & $100k per month from your coaching business
  • and much, much more...

Everything You Need To Become A Coach & Launch Your Coaching Business 

You don't need to compromise anymore... allow yourself to fully step into your potential, worth and authenticity

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Deep Self Transformation

The foundation of being a coach who is able to work with premium clients at the highest level is first stepping into your own greatness and living in alignment with your purpose and potential. 

Premium clients are attracted to and respect people who are authentic, purposeful and who are living their mission. 

When you work with us we go deep into coaching the coach so you can show up energetically aligned and living life from the highest version of yourself.

When you show up to life in this way you'll experience so much, joy and meaning, you'll bring your coaching to a place of integrity and potency and the best dream clients will be attracted and want to work with you.

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Master The Art of Coaching

When you join hands with us you will learn the art, magic and power of Deep Transformation Coaching. 

Deep Transformation Coaching has been developed by our founder Brajamohan Das and is an advanced form of coaching.

Deep Transformation Coaching works at a level that is beyond the superficial and temporary realm of everyday basic coaching. 

The basic principles of coaching are useful and you will also learn them with us. But that is literally just the tip of the iceberg. 

When you understand and apply the principles of Deep Transformational Coaching you will hold the key that unlocks the door to the most profound, meaningful and transformational outcomes.

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Enrol Your Dream Clients

When you follow your heart as a coach and link arms with us we take personal responsibility to give you everything you need to enrol your premium dream clients.

Our graduates fall into the bracket of the top 5% of high paid coaches in the world.

You will learn how to attract premium dream clients who want exactly what you are offering, and who are ready to pay you the higher end coaching fees. 

Our student coaches get clients within the first few weeks of working with us and charge a minimum of $2,500 per client on the very low end of the scale and $100,000 at the high end of the scale.

You'll experience a profound shift in consciousness and learn the secret alchemy of attracting premium dream clients.

About Braja

founder, master coach & soul explorer

Brajamohan Das is an award winning leader of the transformational & entrepreneurial coaching movement and founder of the #1 premium coach training for high impact & high income coaches.

Braja is the innovator of the Deep Transformation Coaching Method that equips and empowers passionate people with the coaching skills & methods that create profound and deep transformations in their clients lives.

He helps his student coaches experience a personal deep transformation so they can step into their purpose, potential and start living their legacy.

Braja helps coaches launch authentic, high-end premium coaching businesses, sign on high profile clients, and enjoy abundant lifestyle freedom.

He is known for bringing to his student coaches a unique flavour of wisdom, spirituality, empowerment, and loving support.

Braja is also the creator of The Bramoda Meditation retreat, for seekers who want to experience the realm of spiritual transcendence.

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Evolve Your Coaching Business On A Journey Through 4 Levels... 

Your mission should you accept it is to make steady progress through the 4 levels of the coaching journey. We mentor, support and give you the roadmap for each level. 

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"Gold Coach"

Your 1st mission is to get to the GOLD COACH LEVEL

At this level the focus is on removing the internal resistance that is slowing you down and stopping you from stepping into your passion and purpose.

We develop your foundational coaching skills and create your premium coaching program while you start working with your first clients.


"Emerald Coach"

Your 2nd mission is to make it to the EMERALD COACH LEVEL

Here the focus is to transform your coaching program into a one of a kind life transformational mind blowing premium experience for your clients.

You have developed the deeper level coaching skills and your coaching is an expression of your life's purpose & mission.


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"Ruby Coach"

Your 3rd mission is to get to the RUBY COACH LEVEL

Now is the right time to scale your premium coaching program and work with a small team of experts to improve the experience for you and your premium clients.

At this level your only focus is to work within your zone of joy & genius and serve your clients at the highest level.


"Sapphire Coach"

Your 4th mission is to get to the SAPPHIRE COACH LEVEL

You've already created a premium coaching program that is both transformational and a premium experience. 

You have a core team who have taken responsibility and you are focused on your joy & genius.

Now is the time to diversify and scale by creating passive income with mid & lower tier packages that don't require any extra effort or time.

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The Experience

The Deep Transformation Coach Training Program

The Coaches Training Retreat (3 or 6 Day Residential Immersive Training)

Join hands with Braja in the Coaches Training Retreat. Experience the natural beauty of nature.

From the foothills of the Himalayas, and beautiful white sandy beaches, to the forests and sacred cities.

In the coaches retreat you will experience... 

  • The most beautiful & natural locations
  • Deep intensive transformation workshops
  • Connect and make friendships with fellow coaches
  • Make rapid progress in a short period of time
  • Experience the abundant coach lifestyle

*IMPORTANT NOTE (The residential retreat happens 3 times a year and is optional. The program can be completed all virtually)

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The Journey Within... Coach-The-Coach

In the coaches training retreat you will take a sacred journey within to discover your higher calling as an authentic coach. 

  • Discover your core self & walk in the light of your soul
  • Clearing and purifying past karmic ties
  • Stepping into your life purpose & potential
  • Reconnecting with the Deity of your heart
  • Meet your inner guide the source of infinite wisdom
  • Awakening transcendental love

You'll experience your own transformation first

Weekly Transformation Coach Training (Online classes you can do from anywhere in the world)

As you step more and more into your purposeful life, your ability to coach people at the highest level will manifest and bloom.

In the deep transformation coach training you'll learn... 

  • The Art & Magic of Deep Transformation Coaching
  • How to balance both Practical & Transformation Coaching
  • Revolutionary coaching methods, models & frameworks
  • How to create a premium coaching experience that your high-end clients love 
  • The alchemy of manifesting outcomes
  • and much, much more...


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Live Weekly Mentoring with Braja

Apart from the Training Retreat every week Braja will walk with you and join hands with you as you begin to master the process of Deep Transformation Coaching.

Braja will personally mentor you every week on stepping into your value as you begin to manifest the premium coaching business of your dreams.

You will become a beacon to the world, share your gift and follow the true calling of your heart as you help your premium clients experience their life at another level.

You will learn how to attract your dream clients who will happily pay you the premium prices you desire & deserve.

Everything You Need To Launch A Premium High-Ticket Coaching Business & Get Clients

And of course you will get all the practical coaching tools, resources, and templates that you will ever need from us.

You need it... we have it... 

  • Coaching contracts and agreements
  • Premium coach website templates - done for you
  • All the required marketing materials and templates
  • How to set up a lifestyle friendly coaching practice
  • Lifetime access to100's of hours of premium video trainings you can watch anytime you want on every topic you need to know about coaching and growing your coaching business


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Globally Accredited, Internationally Recognised Coach Certification


Braja's Deep Transformation Coaching program is recognised and accredited by the International Coach Federation – ICF.

After completing your specific coach training hours* with Academy For Coaches you can apply for your ICF accreditation at 3 levels.

  • ACC – Associate Certified Coach (60 hours*)
  • PCC – Professional Certified Coach (125 hours*)
  • MCC – Master Certified Coach (200 hours*)

You will also get your Deep Transformation Coach certification directly from Academy For Coaches that you can use in all of your branding and marketing.

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Sonia Mehta – Executive Coach

"Within a couple of months Braja helped me to create my premium coaching program and I got my first premium client for $60,000. After working with Braja I've been able to enrol multiple premium clients"

Here's what our student coaches say about Academy For Coaches

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Jyoti Narain – Premium Business Coach

"In my very first week of working with Braja I was able to enrol 3 premium coaching clients and brought in $30,000"

The Only 'Stay Until You Get Paid' Coaching Program Out There. We Work With You Until You Sell $10K or More!


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As you have probably read by now, we have a Stay Until You Get Paid $10K Guarantee. This means you can join as many coaching calls and take full advantage of the support and coaching available to you for as long as it takes until you make your money back (and more)!

Please note that it will take a full commitment to do the work on your end. We devote a lot of time and energy to our daily support, weekly coaching calls, and quarterly meet-ups to provide you with a ton of support. All that we ask in return is that, when you do join us inside the Academy For Coaches University, you go all in and allow yourself to fully show up for both yourself and the world. You have a special gift that must be shared, and we're here to make sure the world receives it!

NOTE: The $10K guarantee is only available for the PCC & MCC programs and NOT the ACC program.

Are You Ready To Create Magic?

Our next batch starts on... 

Limited Places Available

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Carlos Garcia – Relationship Transformation Coach

"If you are considering working with Braja, do not think twice and go ahead. I got my first two premium clients within the first week of working with him. The learning has been phenomenal. You will get the confidence and hope to reach a goal way beyond your expectations."

We'll Help You Master The Art of Transformation Coaching

"When you're an excellent coach, your clients will do the work of growing your coaching business for you!"

If your clients don't have a phenomenal experience with you, if what they experience is just kinda okay, then they're not going to come back. And neither will they think of telling their friends about you.

But if you create a powerful coaching experience for your clients -- every single time -- then your clients will do the work of growing your business for you! They will come back for more. They will sign up for your premium coaching programs. And they will enthusiastically recommend you when someone they know needs a coach.

All you do is focus on becoming a better and better coach, day by day, and deliver a powerful deep transformational coaching experiences every single time you connect with a client.

"What is the best way to become a better coach?"

Unleash Your Ability to Create Powerful Transformation & Lasting Impact by Mastering the Art & Science of Deep Transformation Coaching

We'll Give You Everything You Need To Become an Excellent Coach

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Transformation Coaching System

For well over a decade we've coached thousands of individuals, teams and organisations and we've partnered with the best coaches in the world. During this time we have developed the most effective and streamlined coaching systems.

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Coach & Client Coaching Tools

You'll need coaching tools when working with your clients. Coaching agreements, coaching contracts, coaching session plans from the first coaching session all the way to the last coaching session. Don't worry we've got your back! Every coaching tool you'll need we have it ready for you.

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The Best Coaching Models

To be an effective coach that gets the best results for your clients you will need proven and tested coaching models and exercises that make your coaching delivery a deep transformational experience. You'll get our best models.

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Real Coaching Experience

Our program is not theory based. The best way to learn coaching is by coaching. We've developed a revolutionary teaching methodology and support structure so you can rapidly acquire high level coaching skills and start coaching with best practices from day one.

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Koushik Chatterjee – Executive Coach

"Braja has been a phenomenon in my life. His mastery on the subject, and care for his clients, deep love for the process and appreciation of success. This set a deep spiritual connect with me. Through his gift, I realise what I love to do, I can do. This engagement has helped me to transgress every moment from information to transformation, from stories to results. I would recommend all coach aspirants to work with Braja."

When you join our program we are also excited to...

Help You Get Clients

A Live, In-Depth, Hybrid Coaching & Mentoring Program That Will Help You Build A Fully Aligned And Wildly Profitable Online or Offline Coaching Business That Gives You Ultimate Freedom!
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Create a profitable coaching business that doesn't compromise your alignment. We'll be working with you through our Aligned Approach to make sure you wake up every day vibin' high.

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Your Message

We’ll help you create and dial in your niche, message, and coaching programs (or re-vamp what you already have) and, more importantly, properly position and price them so your clients are begging to work with you.

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Your Irresistible Offer

Turn your story and deepest passion into an irresistible offer that you can ethically sell for $3K - $10K+ with our framework. Your clients will never think of you as another commodity coach ever again!

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Traffic on Demand

Consistently grab more attention, reach more people, attract more clients daily, and earn the expert positioning you deserve even if you have a small or inexistent audience, we've got you.

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Non Sleazy Sales

Predictably make sales and bring in new clients month after month with the right lead generation and sales systems in place to turn first impressions into high-ticket coaching clients.

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High Level Support

Get your work reviewed, face-to-face feedback (in the Zoom room), and navigate through market shifts and pivots with our team course correcting you along the way to your first $10,000.

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Effective Marketing

This is where you'll share the features and benefits of your coaching program. What will they get, what is the big emotional benefit to them, and what's this really mean to them?

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Abundance Mindset

Mastering high energy and vibration around self-image, money, emotions, and leadership. We'll make sure you tackle your fears head on and we'll be there to catch you when you fall. The more we 'fall,' the quicker we see results!

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Ultimate Coach Website

For well over 5 years we researched and tested the highest converting coaches websites across the most popular coaching niches and created all the templates and pages for you. You'll have a highly optimised coaches website up and running in a couple of days.

Are you ready to step into your true life purpose?

Connect with your core self and follow your hearts calling. Be authentic and make a difference in peoples lives. Change the world one conversation at a time as a Deep Transformation Coach. People are waiting for you to share your gift and message with the world. Right now is your time to shine!



Very Limited Places


We're On A Mission To Change The Coaching Game.

Welcome To The Aligned Approach: A Holistic And Multidimensional Approach To Building An Online Coaching Business You Love.

There's a massive difference between 'hustling' every day to get coaching clients and building a real coaching business that's built on simple yet effective systems. One is temporary and burns you out, the other is a money-making asset that's fun, exciting, and lights you up every single morning. We focus on 4 fundamental areas to ensure long term success:

  • Aligned Marketing: Get attention, stand out, and attract new high caliber clients by building a brand and message around who you truly are. ​
  • Aligned Sales: A non-sleazy way to turn leads into cash while creating a massive win-win for everyone involved.
  • ​Aligned Delivery: Create a transformative offer that give life-changing results for your clients while protecting and leveraging your time.
  • ​Aligned Energetics: Mastering high energy and vibration around self-image, money, emotions, and leadership

If you're ready to let go of the 'Hustle and Grind' mentality and you'd like to build some simple yet fully aligned systems on top of a solid and strong foundation...



Here's What You're About To Get Yourself Into


The Only 'Stay Until You Get Paid' Coach Training Program Out There.
We Are With You Until You Sell $10K


  • Full Access To The Academy For Coaches University: Inside your membership area, you will unlock all the resources you need including over 35+ hours of well laid out video walkthrough lessons, high converting done-for-you landing page templates, and coaching workbooks. You’ll have every step laid out for you so you can wake up every day knowing exactly what you need to do next!

  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls: Join us on two weekly coaching calls inside the members-only community (which you’ll have lifetime access to by the way). Mindset Reset & Rapid Results calls on Fridays are focused on coaching, mindset, alignment, and energetic work to keep ya vibin’ high, while Monday Strategy Sessions are more sales, marketing, and business strategy. Submit your questions ahead of time to fully prepare and we'll see you inside the zoom room!

  • Lifetime Membership Area Access: Take things at your own pace without worrying about losing access to the program materials. When you join Academy For Coaches University, you have a lifetime membership to all course materials for life. This includes all updates and upgrades so you can always make sure you know what is and what is not working in the world of online marketing and sales. And remember, once you launch your first offer, you can repeat the steps over and over, and your business will never stop growing!

  • High-Touch Support: Know this: Academy For Coaches University is not a course, it’s a full out coaching program. With two weekly coaching calls, quarterly meetups, and daily support inside our coaches community, you’ll never be left stranded wondering what to do next. Efficiency and effectiveness is our top priority.

  • ​Surround yourself with a community of other driven coaches who are in this with you (including me and our rockstar team). Take full advantage of professional coaching, mentorship, accountability, and have expert eyes on your work so you never feel like you are in this alone!

  • Stay Until You Get Paid Guarantee: We stick with you (as long as you stay committed) for as long as it takes to get you into the '$10K sold' club. Join all the coaching calls you want and get the mentorship and guidance you need until you see success, period. Oh, and what happens after you hit 10K? You can either run through the advanced training and start scaling, or join us inside the Inner Circle designed to help get you past 'solopreneur' and into massive growth mode! 
    *(NOTE: This is available for PCC & MCC not ACC)

  • Create Multiple Offers: Implement the same systems and strategies over and over again when you create multiple new coaching offers and programs down the road. Possibilities are endless for you to create recurring revenue streams that allow you to infinitely scale your business well beyond 6-figures. And we're in this with you until you do!

So while most ‘coach training or biz building’ programs out there are a 2 – 3 month ‘teach you some basic coaching or marketing stuff’ kinda deal, we do things differently here. Once you join us inside Academy For Coaches University, you’ll get the coaching, community, weekly calls, and daily support you need until you sell at least $10,000 of coaching, period.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have a precious gift & message to help the world?

Inside you there's a precious gift you have to share and a divine message that can help the world. There's a silent longing in your heart, a soft voice thats calling you, prompting you, requesting you for something higher. It's the voice of love, the voice of divinity and the voice of wisdom. Embrace it!



Be Part of an Awesome Community of Coaches

Academy For Coaches have built a very strong and supportive community of awesome coaches. You'll never feel alone because you'll be able to create friendships, partnerships and mentorships from coaches at every level of development, from new coaches all the way up to 6 and 7 figure coaches.

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The Next Batch Starts On...

Very Limited Places - We keep our batches small so you get the personal attention you need


Joining this program is by application only.

Our enrolment team are all professionally certified coaches. Talk to one of our caring and professionally certified coaches to discover if we are a good fit for each other