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We help people master the skills of coaching and build a profitable coaching practice... (ICF Certification Training)

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Everything you need to master Deep Transformation Coaching and launch a successful coaching career

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Master Deep Transformation Coaching

Learn the powerful skills of Deep Transformation Coaching. You'll have the confidence to coach almost anyone on anything. 

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Get a Globally Recognised Certification with ICF

Train with us to meet the highest professional coaching standards, and get your globally recognised coaching certification with ICF.

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Get Clients & Start a Thriving Coaching Practice

When you train with us we'll show you how to fill your coaching practice with your ideal clients & build a thriving coaching business.

Academy For Coaches Philosophy

The Authentic Coach Model™

The AFC philosophy is simple but at the same time profound & deep.

Many people just talk about doing the work they love while getting paid at the same time but they don't know how to make it happen.

AFC have a proven system to make it happen. Our approach to coaching is "The Authentic Coach Model™"
  1. Personal Evolvement (physical, intellectual, social/emotional & spiritual)
  2. Follow Your Calling (do the work you love doing)
  3. Make A Big Difference (transform lives with your calling)
  4. Financial Freedom (Earn a great income from doing 
what you were born to do)
  5. Life & Time Freedom (work from home, the hours you 
choose with people you choose)
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All The Skills, Tools & Support You Need To Launch A Successful Coaching Business

Academy For Coaches provide everything you need to launch a successful coaching practice.

You'll also learn how to do the same for your own clients.

Specialised Coach Training

One of the unique benefits you get when you join Academy For Coaches is our specialised coach training in the major coaching niche areas. 

Along with learning the core foundational coaching principles & skills, you will also  be able to choose a specific coaching niche area you want to specialise in.

For example: Life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching etc...

AFC has a core team of Master-Coaches. All our master-coaches are successful coaches in their own coaching practice and work with their own clients in their specialisation. 

Coaching Niches

Get mentoring in different coaching niches

  • Relationship Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • Wealth & Abundance Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
Meet our Master-Coaches here

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AFC's Foundational Coach Training

The 11 Core Coaching Competences You will learn to apply in Academy For Coaches

  • Ethical guidelines & professional coaching standards
  • Empowering the coaching relationship with win/win agreements
  • Building trust & intimacy with your client
  • Coaching presence & dancing in the moment
  • Super conscious listening at level 3 & 4
  • Powerful questions that evoke discovery, insight, commitment & action
  • Mastering you coaching language. How to speak like a coach
  • Creating awareness, breakthrough, belief shifts & transformation
  • Designing essential actions that lead to results
  • Strategies, planning & goal setting
  • Managing progress & accountability

These 11 competencies are used as the foundation for the ICF Credentialing process examination.

Academy For Coaches Core Programs


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Money Mastery Business Coach Certification®

Money Mastery Business Coach® training certifies you to start empowering women & men and making money as a soul-inspired business coach.

You get trained and certified online with Braja in his signature Transformation Coaching Method® and in DONE-FOR-YOU BUSINESS COACHING CONTENT – coaching exercises, templates, visualizations, ready-to-go coaching programs, marketing materials and more. All so you can hit the ground running WITHOUT PUTTING ANY TIME INTO CREATING COACHING CONTENT FROM SCRATCH.

Learn More!

Deep Transformation Coaching

ICF (International Coach Federation) - ACSTH Accredited Programs

Deep Transformation Coaching is Academy For Coaches signature coaching process and method. You can become a certified Deep Transformation Coach at 3 levels of evolvement... Click on one of the options to learn more.

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Level 1
Associate Certified Coach

60+ coach training hours as a Deep Transformation Coach

Learn More...
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Level 2
Professional Certified Coach

125+ coach training hours as a Deep Transformation Coach

Learn More...
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Level 3
Master Coach Training

200+ coach training hours as a Deep Transformation Coach

Learn More...

AFC Give In Depth Mentoring & Training On How To Enrol Paying Clients

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Another one of Academy For Coaches specialities is our unmatched expertise and experience in training & mentoring our student coaches on how to get clients.

There are two main pillars required to succeed as a coach...

  1. Knowing how to coach with competence
  2. Consistently getting clients who pay you great fees

AFC have developed a comprehensive step by step system to help coaches get a flow of high quality prospects and then enrol them into paying clients.

A few words from our clients

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Satvinder Jagdev
Financial Coach

Braj was my coach during the ICF certification. He not only impressed all participants with his knowledge and mastery of coaching as a professional , he also left a lasting impression as a human being .Being a master NLP practitioner he brings lots of nuances into his classes. I look forward to attending more of his classes soon.

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Saswati Barat
Leadership Coach

"Braja is one of the most influential person I have ever met. His centred serenity with a high-impact teaching technique was a wonderful experience in our Coaching Skills sessions. Brajamohan ensures you understand and apply the concepts, his attention to relevant details, motivating attitude and guidance helped us grasp and execute Coaching Techniques with ease. I must admit it was a life changing experience for me. Thank you Brajamohan Das, you have a beautiful radiant soul!"

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Koushik Chatterjee
Business Coach

"Braj, my master coach, is a phenomenon in my life. His mastery on the subject, care for his clients, love for the process and appreciation of success set a deep spiritual connect with me. Through his gift, I realise what I love to do, I can do. His engagement helps me to transgress every moment from information to transformation, from stories to results. I would recommend all coach aspirants to have a chat with him."

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Parul Ddiwan
Relationship Coach

Fondly called Braj, his coaching is deep. While he helps you Build Million Dollar Coaching Business, in the process his coaching impacts you as a person too. It changes the way you look at yourself and it drops your limiting beliefs wherein you make impossible possible. Braj sees and taps your inner potential that even you may not be aware of. His caring and affectionate nature with a giving approach combined with his excellent coaching skills and unlimited knowledge can only make you the best coach ever.

If you have not enrolled for his coaching yet, you are missing the best in life

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Arun Prakash Ray
Business Coach

"Braja is one of the finest Executive Coaches in India. He starts from connecting with his target audience, builds long-term relationships, is extremely reliable with deep domain insight. The Leadership Teams perform to their best of potentials, when Braja works closely with the diverse teams in organisations. The activities run by him are not just mere 'management games' to spice up his sessions. They resonate newer and experiential learning for the coaches. It's always been a pleasure to stay in touch with Braja."

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Radhikka Tejpal
Life Coach

"Braja, as we know him is excellent in his skills as a Master Coach.There's so much that I learnt from him. He went into minute details about the concept of Coaching with lots of creativity added which made the sessions interesting & most importantly useful.Today when I receive appreciation as a coach from my clients..every time my heart says a big Thank You to him.
My best wishes & warm regards shall always be there with you Brajamohan :)"

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Sanjay Sharma
Sales Coach

"I feel privileged to have Braj as my coach. As a result of his coaching, I take actions that maximise my results and spend minimal amount of time on small issues. In addition, he has helped me transform not only the quality of clients in my practice, but also the quantity of money they provide me as well. I am blessed with his wisdom, graciousness and philosophy which are a wonderful model for anyone at any time."

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Deepa Chandrasekaran
Career Transformation Coach

I started working with Braj as my coach in Jan 2018 and its been an amazing journey of learning and transformation ever since. Every interaction with him makes me more knowledgeable and even more committed to continue on my journey and make a difference in the lives of my clients.

Braj is simply amazing to say the least, his commitment to handhold his coachees and guide them until they succeed is really commendable. With tremendous patience, positivity, bountiful energy and eagerness to find the simplest strategies that could result in faster results, he is simply the best in what he does.

The journey of working with him till now has made me a better human being and as I continue working with him, I am sure I will keep evolving and learning.

Having Braj as a coach and seeing him work with his coachees has definitely made me a better coach too.

I will always be grateful for this opportunity of having him as my coach and is definitely one of the best things that could have happened to me!

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Carlos Garcia
Relationship Coach

"Braj is an exceptional human being besides being one of the topmost coaches in the world. He showed us by his example how to get clients within the first week and how to provide excellent coaching. Whatever stage you are, his teaching method is accessible.

One of the most inspiring and reassuring features of his program is that he is fully committed to your success. He expressed to me that the relationship with him is for life. He is passionate about what he does and you will get that genuine enthusiasm and inspiration. You will learn many things not just about coaching but also about how to be a better person. He is not into this business for money, it is about his contribution, it is about getting the best out of you so that you can earn your living by making an impact on people’s lives while having the freedom to work at your own pace.

If you are considering working with Braj, do not think twice and go ahead. I got my first two clients within the first week of working with him and ever since the learning has been phenomenal. Braj will give you confidence and hope to get you to work towards a goal beyond your expectations.

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Simran Narang
Health & Lifestyle Coach

"It's a step by step process, complete hand holding and results are amazing.Even before you actually begin, clients are made.One develops confidence and motivated"

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Want to know more about Academy For Coaches and how we can help you follow your calling, as a coach? Click the button below and have a quick chat with us, or join our next webinar. We are here to support you any way we can.

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Want to know more about Academy For Coaches and how we can help you follow your calling, as a coach? Click the button below and have a quick chat with us, or join our next webinar. We are here to support you any way we can.

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