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Learn The Art of Deep Transformation Coaching

Love Your Work

What would it mean to you if everyday you got to do the kind of work you love, making a real difference in peoples lives?

Transform Lives Everyday

How would you feel if you could help your clients experience a meaningful transformations in their life or business everyday? 

Lifestyle Friendly Career

Imagine having a career that gives you the freedom to work with who you want, when you want and from wherever you want in the world

Whats special about our coach training?

Its Fast & Fun

We don't waste time with boring theory! You'll learn how to coach by coaching and being coached every week. Its fast, effective and loads of fun!

High Value & Affordable

We want you to have the opportunity to learn coaching at the very highest level. Thats why we've made our program affordable.

Help You Get Clients

The best way to learn coaching is to coach real clients. We've created a simple and easy system that helps you get clients as soon as you start the training.

Globally Recognised, International Accredited Coach Training Program

Our coach training is fully accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

We offer 4 levels of training towards your ICF coaching accreditation...

  1. Level One - Advanced Life Coaching Certification (CCE)
  2. Level Two - Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  3. Level Three - Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  4. Level Four - Master Certified Coach (MCC)

How Do You Quickly Become a Certified Coach?

We have made the whole process very simple for you


Attend the Certification Training

Accelerate Your Career as a Coach

Join the Best Coaches in the World

To start your coaching career, you need a proven process to deliver great results for your clients. As an Academy For Coaches Certified Coach, you’ll get:

  • A proven curriculum with coaching frameworks that deliver the best results to your clients

  • A supportive community of like minded coaches to keep you focused, supported and informed
  • A system to get clients so you start to build a profitable coaching career as soon as you like
  • Best practices to become a credible and high impact coach
  • Internationally recognised accredited coach training with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Start Today

Program Details


  • You want to make a difference in peoples lives using the powerful process of transformational coaching
  • You want to start a career you love and start to earn money as a coach
  • You're new to coaching and want to learn the best coaching methods and get certified
  • You're an experienced coach who wants to upgrade your coaching skills to the next level
  • You want to use coaching to enhance your current career
  • You're already an ICF certified coach and you want to get your next level ICF coach certification (PCC or MCC)



Classes are delivered live 2 - 3 times per week over Zoom and last between 1-2 hours each class.

What happens if I miss a live class?

No problem! Just join the next class. We also record every session and you can watch the recordings anytime you want.

(We have a very cool VIP members area with tons and tons of coaching resources, coaching tools and bonus trainings - you will get 24/7 lifetime access)


No theory! Just pure coaching. We believe the best way to learn how to coach, is to coach.

NO boring classes! NO long essays! NO tedious homework!

Our experiential classes are just loads of coaching and loads of fun. 😁

You will coach and get coached every week...

Every student in our program coaches real clients every week... So will you! 😲

This program is transformational!


You will learn the best coaching systems and techniques in the world that can used in all fields of coaching.

Our coach training is perfect for: 

  • Relationship coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • etc

During your training we'll give you full support and expert guidance to choose the ideal coaching field for you.

We will also work with you to customise your coaching packages to your chosen niche.


We offer 4 levels of ICF coach certification training.

Each level lasts around 3 months 

  1. Advanced Life Coaching Certification (CCE) 30 Hours Coach Training = 6 Weeks
  2. ACC (Associate Certified Coach) 60 Hours Coach Training =  3 Months
  3. PCC (Professional Certified Coach) 65 Hours Coach Training = 3 Months
  4. MCC (Master Certified Coach) 75 Hours Coach Training =  3 Months

The course has been designed to fit around your lifestyle. You get to choose what days work best for you and how quickly you want to complete your accredited coach training hours. 


You can start as soon as you complete the application on this page, speak with us and make a small deposit.

You can start this week if you like! 

Apply now and start a career you love as a certified coach.

We will guide you every step of the way.


We highly encourage you to start working with clients as soon as possible. Coaching clients is an important part of the learning and certification process.

We guide all of our students through the process of enrolling their first clients.


Our graduate coaches are some of the highest paid coaches in the world. We have coaches that are charging $60,000 per client and we have coaches that charge as little as $1500 per client.

We support & guide all our students with their pricing and mindset around pricing and we recommend charging somewhere between $1000-$5000 per client when starting out.

After developing confidence and competence you can increase your coaching fees accordingly.


We have made our fees simple and easy to understand.

  • Each level has an enrolment fee of £1,997+VAT.


If you are self-funding or funding your enrolment through a small business, then there is a bursary program that can take your fees down to as little as £997+VAT.

  • The Advanced Life Coaching Certification has a discount on right now from £1,599 to £697+VAT.

Talk to one of our team of coaches to find out what option works best for you and if you qualify for our bursary program.


Whats Next?

We have made the whole process very simple for you


Attend the Certification Training

Accelerate Your Career as a Coach

Apply Now And Become A Certified Coach

The Coach Training Curriculum

Here's a sample of what you'll learn in the coach certification training program

Foundations of High-Impact Coaching

From the very first week you'll learn the core principles of high-impact coaching.

By the end of this training module you will learn:

  • The difference between consulting, therapy, mentoring and coaching
  • How to think like a coach so you can tap-into the true potential of every client
  • How to run your first coaching session like a pro (even if you're a new coach)
  • The biggest mistakes new coaches should avoid at any cost and what to do instead

The Dance of Insight

By the end of this training module you will know:

  • How to quickly build rapport in every session so your clients let down their guard and open up to you
  • The secret questioning technique master coaches use that give their clients massive insights within just a few minutes of the coaching session
  • 4 step Micro-Coaching-Conversation-Model that make your coaching sessions life transformational
  • Our revolutionary FOCUS-MODEL that guides you in asking the right questions at the right time

High Performance Coaching

In this module you'll learn how to help your clients stay at optimum performance.

  • How to help your clients tap into their zone of genius, so they can leverage their unique strengths and gifts, and stay ahead of the game.
  • How to shift your clients from overwhelm into action mode, by simply answering two unexpected questions that will inspire them and help perform at their highest level.
  • How to coach your clients to make the right decisions by using a tool that will help them see past the fog and focus on what matters most.
  • How to accelerates your client's creativity even if they are not naturally creative
  • How to maximise your clients' performance by applying the 4 disciplines of execution system and understanding the principle of "deep work" vs "fractured work"
  • How to minimise stress and avoid burnout, while positioning yourself as a crucial ally in your clients' ambition

Transformation Coaching System

Module 4 is all about equipping you with the most powerful coaching systems and models in the world.

In this module you'll have the perfect coaching system that will maximise results for any client in their personal or professional life.

You'll learn...

  • How to implement the 5 part Transformational Coaching System with any client
  • How to coach almost anyone on anything with confidence and competence.
  • How structure each coaching session step by step for maximum impact
  • How to deliver a 3, 6 or 12 month ultimate result coaching package

Plus much, much more...

By the end of module 4 - You'll be able to offer powerful coaching to your clients, even if you think planning and structure is not your strong suit.

Remove Resistance & Create Flow

Deep Transformation Coaching is our advanced level of coach training

By the end of this module you'll learn:

  • How the subconscious mind creates internal resistance that prevents clients from reaching their goals
  • How to apply the process that removes any internal resistance from the subconscious mind so your clients can flow more freely towards their most cherished goals and dreams
  • How to transform limiting belief systems, conflicting identities and align values so your clients become unstoppable
  • And much more...

The Winning game Plan

During this module we're bringing clarity and focus into their life, business or career by developing a solid growth plan, creating systems and building an epic winning game plan.

You'll learn...

  • How to map out your clients goals, create powerful strategies and align actions in the most effective way
  • The 3 step goal achievement process that gets extraordinary results for your clients
  • How to take your clients through a powerful process to understand their true purpose and life calling
  • How to help your clients reach any goal however big or small with the OPA80/20 System
  • The best way to make decisions without feeling overwhelmed or second-guessing your choice - including how to balance intuition and logic

Brand New Modules On: 4 Dimensions Coaching

4 Dimensions Coaching is a very powerful coaching process that you can use to help your clients fulfil their potential in 4 significant dimensions of life.

4 Dimensions Coaching Covers 4 Modules:

  1. Health Dimension: 
    Flowing Energy, Feeling Great & Looking Awesome
  2. Wealth Dimension:
    From Surviving to Thriving. Transforming Passion into Profit
  3. Relationship Dimension:
    Love, Harmony & Trust
  4. Spiritual Dimension:
    Meaning, Contribution & Divine Connection

For a limited time you can get this bonus training. Later on this program will be sold as a separate coaching certification course.

Apply now to save your place.


Now Imagine This...

In just 6-12 weeks you'll have the very best coaching methods and practices in the coaching industry... to start a career you love as professional coach


"The Best Investment Is The Investment In Yourself"


INCLUDED BONUS:  100 Clients Coaching System™

Without Clients, You Don't Have a Coaching Business!

The biggest problem both new and old coaches have is getting a steady flow of coaching clients.

Great news! We have developed a powerful and super simple system that helps new coaches get a steady flow of clients. 

You will learn our revolutionary and unique system so you can start coaching real clients in the first few weeks of your coach training.

  • You don't need a fancy website
  • You don't need to post on social media every 10 seconds
  • You don't need to spend loads of money on expensive ads
  • You don't need pushy sales tactics
  • You don't need to be well known or famous
  • You don't need a massive following
  • You don't even need a specific niche! (WHAT! 😲)

You will learn how to get clients in any-niche or every-niche and why boxing yourself into just one niche can be the biggest roadblock holding you back from having a coaching business full of clients.


Our client getting system is different.
  • It focuses on coaching and making a difference
  • It easily turns complimentary coaching sessions into paying clients
  • It generates a steady flow of high quality referrals
  • It gets you 100's of sincere and meaningful testimonials. The kind of testimonials that inspire others to hire you 
  • and much, much more...

How Do You Get Started?

We've made the whole process very simple for you


Attend the Certification Training

Accelerate Your Career as a Coach

Apply Now And Become A Certified Coach

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We highly recommend attending one of our FREE Introduction to Life Coaching webinars, which we run every week. You can find out more about these by clicking here.

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